Thursday, November 27, 2014



It’s a bundle of joy, God’s miracle indeed,
Profound happiness grows rapidly with the seed

Everybody should enjoy this beautiful phase of life,
It took me months to believe there’s actually a life within life

Thanks to technology, it shows you everything,
At times you just don’t believe what you are seeing

I love your movements, kicks and dance,
Getting a sound sleep; forget it, there is no chance

We are waiting impatiently to hold you in our arms,
And keep looking at you for never-ending hours

A tiny creature, a tiny something,
It’s great to feel a sprout within

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Ping Friend!

Ping Friend!

My day doesn't begin with the coffee, 
It begins with a ping!

There’s my friend, wishing me good morning 
She doesn't stop even after I reply, “Am still sleeping!”

Soon we get into the girly gossip,
And I get out of my bed giggling

While sipping my favorite coffee I again get a ping,
My best friend pings me, “am missing you darling”

I ping what I am eating, I ping what I am thinking,
I whine that I don’t get my tea but also that I loved the coffee

When it’s night for them and they doze off one by one,
I keep waiting for a ping at least from someone

I realize loneliness is an occasion, who said it’s boring?
I can do whatever I wanna do, I feel like a king!

Suddenly someone intrudes my kingdom,
And again there’s a ping!

This time it’s my nocturnal friends,
Trust me, entire night we can keep on chatting!

At the end of the day, I feel like sleeping,
Tired of whole day chatting and pinging 
But no, I can’t, they won’t let me sleep,
My friends are all awake now and they want me to speak!

There’s a ping with a smile, one with a wink,
Another interesting one doesn't allow me to blink

They all have something to share; all have something to ping,
This was the fun for which I have been waiting

I get into my bed, chatting, smiling and giggling,
And even though I doze off, new pings keep pouring in,

That’s how my day ends my friend and when am so far away from you,
There’s nothing more special than your ping!

The Pehli Mulakaat

The Pehli Mulakaat

Our classes finished at 9 pm, an hour later than the usual timings. Our professor warned us to reach home early and safe as the weather outside was not good. An hour of extra class and then a bad weather was not a proper end to the day. Swati and I left the classroom with a gloomy face only to witness sudden showers waiting for us!! 

The weather outside was refreshing for me, raindrops forming a mosaic design on the roads, the scent of wet street, people running in all possible directions and then I saw our favorite pani-puri stall that was unperturbed by the commotion. Having pani-puri with extra toppings of raindrops is just awesome but we dropped the idea as the streets were getting flooded and we knew that in Ahmedabad it’s next to impossible to get an auto-rickshaw in heavy rain. Three vacant autos passed by but didn’t stop as expected.

Just then my mobile rang and while taking it out I realized my bag and books were almost wet. I managed to get some space in the shade and took out my mobile to see a miss call from my sister. I immediately called her back.

“Why are you not picking up my calls? Where are you? Are you fine? Come home soon it’s raining badly”

“Hello….will you let me speak. I am fine and am waiting for an auto. Will reach home soon don’t worry. Bye and don’t call now as my mobile will get wet.”

One call from home and it can tense even a calm person like me. I transferred my tension to Swati as well and now both of us were on the roads to stop every speeding auto.

Drenched and tensed we stood silently under the shade and then somebody from behind said,


I turned and to my amazement it was the same guy from my class whom I admired so much. I was attracted towards him from the very first time I saw him in class. I secretly watched him speak in extempore and group discussions. He was an excellent orator and his manly voice made him more attractive while speaking. Not just a manly voice, he was gifted with attractive features as well, tall, charming smile and eyes that could speak from behind his geeky spectacles. 

For a moment my world around froze and I broke the silence with a smiling “Hi”
“Am Siddharth, am from the same batch”
“Oh yes I know, am Ria and she’s Swati”
“Waiting for an auto?”
“Yes, but not getting one. Do you also travel by auto?” I asked so foolishly.
“No, I have a bike but today itself I gave it for servicing. Even am waiting for an auto.”
After exchanging smiles Swati asked, “Where do you come from?”
“Ghatlodia, and you?”

Oh God! Was this a signal? For another moment my world froze and I said with further excitement “Don’t tell me you come from Ghatlodia! I thought I am the only one from that far off area.”

My secret crush was not so secret from Swati and she immediately jumped in our conversation “good you finally got a partner. You guys can go home together today. I just hope we get an auto till the bus-stop.”

Swati and I usually hired an auto till the Income-tax circle as it was a common bus-stop but today it seemed difficult. We were perplexed when suddenly he asked, “do you want to try collegian? We get it very tasty here.”

Both Swati and I looked at each other with surprise that this guy is just not worried and is in a mood to have something called collegian!!!

Swati said, “We were planning for pani-puri but…”
Before she could finish he insisted, “try collegian once, I have already ordered one for myself. Come we’ll share and we can have pani-puri also later”

“What’s collegian” I asked while walking towards the stall.

“All college people love it so it’s called collegian!!” he said with a smile that I kept looking for a while.

He was so charming and he had the best smile I had ever seen, I didn’t want to look anywhere else. I was so happy and I was totally enjoying the evening. I forgot that it was raining, that I was getting late for home and that we were looking for an auto. I got carried away in my thoughts and didn’t exactly hear what Swati and Sid were talking about.

Then we were served with the much hyped collegian!! I found it spicy and very delicious, more so because it was recommended by him!!

Sid then ran towards an auto and he somehow also managed to hire it for all three of us. Oh! it was such a relief and without wasting a single second we rushed for it.

I went in the auto first, then Swati and then Sid. We sat silently for almost 20 minutes. After reaching the bus-stop we all got down and while moving towards the bus Sid stopped us, “where are you going? I have hired this auto till Ghatlodia otherwise he would not have agreed. You can come with me in the auto itself.”

Swati again excitingly jumped to a conclusion, “Oh! That’s great! You both can go together in auto today. Why are you taking the risk of travelling by bus in this weather? You are also getting late.”

I pushed her aside and said in a low voice, “Are you crazy, I am not travelling with him in this weather and my home is so far, I can’t sit with him for so long.”

“Don’t be foolish Ria, go with him in the auto itself. He looks like a decent guy, he won’t do anything, don’t worry. Moreover your bus will not drop you till your doorstep and what if it gets punctured in this rain. How will you go home then?”

“But I don’t think it’s a good idea …”

“Didn’t you hear Shahrukh say that when you meet your love you get signal through rain and lightning!!!”

“Oh shut up you idiot”

“Bye and now don’t waste time here. I’ll call you up at night to get the details…. Bye Sid”

“Bye Swati, reach home safely” Sid said and got inside the auto making space for me to get in. Swati turned to look at me with thumbs up, a wink and a mischievous smile and went towards the bus.

I stood there in between the bus and the auto, alone, drenched and with heartbeat so loud that I could hear even in the chaos of rain. I stood still for a minute and so many thoughts came up, good and bad, I went blank and could not think what to do.

I was occupied by countless thoughts in my mind and stood there in the bus stop unperturbed by the chaos. He was waiting for me in the auto. I could hardly see him in the darkness. I barely heard him say something from inside the auto and a gesture came simultaneously from both Sid and the auto-driver. I understood that they were asking me to get in quickly.

I saw that the bus was gone and the auto-driver was getting frustrated due to my delay. I still could have said a “no” to Sid and wait for another bus that is usually scheduled at every fifteen minutes, but, I fought with my thoughts, the weather was definitely bad, I was getting late and the rush that I saw in the bus convinced me that sharing the auto was a wiser option. But, was I really convinced?

This was something that was happening with me for the first time. Had it been for some other guy I would have easily denied for the auto but here the situation was different. It was so difficult for me to let him go. I had a fondness for him from the very first day, I was attracted towards his charming looks, I loved the way he spoke in his mesmerizing voice, his height and his manly build; all were so very alluring. On the top of it, he had those killer specs, as if he already he knew how much I admired the look of spectacles. Boys definitely look more handsome with glasses.

Luckily I got the chance to spend time with someone whom I admired, how could I put an end to it so soon. How could I ask him to go? I really wanted to be friends with him, I wanted to talk to him, know him better; but now when I was actually getting the opportunity, there was something that was stopping me. Trust me; in such situations you seem to forget everything, you become a stranger to yourself. 

I was definitely happy to meet him but I was nervous. Maybe because I was not sure whether he thought the same about me, maybe I was not confident about my looks in that rainy day and maybe I did not want anything wrong to happen.

I somehow won over my mind and started walking slowly towards the auto. I could see the driver asking me to get in fast. I moved quickly. I was still panting.

I finally entered the auto.

I looked at Sid and smiled. That was a smile which could not have been more awkward. He smiled back, I settled myself in the corner of the seat and the auto sped up, towards a journey which I wished to continue forever.

The driver continued, “We have to go a long way and the road is not good in that area. After dropping you I have to go home also. My wife called me twice and is asking me to ….. (His mobile rang again) Hello……” perhaps a third call from his wife. He spoke at the top of his voice unaware of the situation at the back seat and continued speaking over the phone.

Unlike the front seat there was pin-drop silence in the backseat. Not just silence, there was no movement as well; as if the driver was taking home two statues!! I didn’t know what was going on in Sid’s mind but I was frozen due to nervousness. I had no idea what is going to happen next. I was also finding it difficult to start a conversation and so I thought it’s better to sit and enjoy the rain.

Rain had no mercy on us and despite the fact that we were sitting in the two corners of the seat, it kept splashing and slapping our already wet feet. Our bags were resting safe and sound in the middle of the seat. My feet were as cold as ice and appeared fairer than actual. The delicate black sandals were shining like I just got them from the showroom. My denim was wet and heavy; I crossed my hands and rested them on my lap. I was wearing a navy-blue top with short sleeves and my fragile wet hands were getting goose bumps due to the cold breeze. I felt a few droplets slide down from my wet hair to my neck and I shivered. The weather didn’t appear pleasant to me anymore. I wanted to reach home as quickly as possible.

The mobile rang again and this time it was Sid’s. He struggled a while to take it out from the wet pocket of his jeans and while doing so his elbow pushed his bag which further pushed my bag and then me; disturbing the otherwise motionless backseat. I could not understand in which language he spoke but got an idea that the call was from his home. The truth is, even boys’ families get tensed when their son don’t reach home in time.  He sounded calm and spoke for a few minutes then said,
“Where exactly do you stay in Ghatlodia?”

It took me a few seconds to realize that his phone call was over and he was speaking to me.


“Oh! That is some ten minutes from my home.”

He then spoke to the driver in Guajarati and as far as I understood he was convincing him to go till my place. For the first time I heard him speak in the local language and though he was arguing with the driver, his Gujarati sounded very sweet.

While speaking to the driver he kept his left hand on the driver’s seat, leaned forward and tried convincing him. I silently observed him in the dim light that was coming at intervals from the street. His moist hands were covered till the elbow with his white folded sleeves. His hair was wet and dishevelled but looked stylish in a length that were a few inches longer than usual boy’s cut and the fringes were reaching the corners of his specs. Geeky specs never looked better before.

Before I could glance more he moved his hand from the driver’s seat and settled himself in the backseat.

I immediately turned my face and drew my bag closer.

He said, “He’ll drop me first and then take a short-cut towards your home. Is that ok with you? ”

“Yes sure, that’s fine. What was he arguing for?”

“Nothing, don’t worry” and continued, “are you a South-Indian?”

“No!” I said surprisingly, “What made you think that?”

“I thought so; you resemble Revathi from South Indian movies!”

I had a good laugh and said, “No, I am a Bengali and I heard for the first time that I resemble Revathi.  What about you?”

“Am a Marathi; born and bought up in Ahmedabad.”

After a pause I said, “You spoke well today in the group discussion.”

“Oh thanks! I just speak whatever comes in my mind. Do you like books?” 

“Yes, I love reading!” I said with some excitement and I saw the same excitement in his eyes as well.

“I also love reading and currently I am reading ‘Five Point Someone’. It’s really well written. Do you want to read it?”


So now there was one common hobby between us and I was happy about it. My happiness continued when he asked, “what about music?”

I had a big smile on my face because it was another thing that I love and said, “I have a childhood connection with music! I just can’t think of a life without music.”

“So are you trained in music?”

“Yes, I don’t even remember when I started my training in music. It all started at a very young age. Are you also into music?”

“Yes, but I just love hearing to it. Not even a bathroom singer!”

We both laughed and we were enjoying each other’s company. The weather again seemed pleasant. I remembered Swati saying “he looks like a decent guy” and I also started believing it. I also remembered how we girls discussed about boys in our batch and when I saw Sid for the first time I told them, “he looks like my dream-boy! I wish he was my boyfriend!”  And to my amazement, I was literally spending a beautiful evening with him.

Just then the auto stopped abruptly. 

“What happened?” Sid asked, and I could see he was worried. Even I got tensed again.

The driver got down and also asked us to get down checking what went wrong.

We left our bags inside and stood out in the rain. This time the raindrops were colder, darker and I was more anxious. Sid went towards the driver to check and I was standing beside the auto. We were stranded somewhere in the middle of the road and rain showed no signs of stopping. I forgot all the good times that we were having sometimes back and started fighting with my thoughts again that whether my decision to hire the auto was right or wrong. 

To worsen the situation I got a call again from my sister. I somehow tried to calm her down and said that I have hired an auto till home so there is nothing to worry. I didn’t dare to tell her that I was accompanied by a boy whom I met just today and also the auto that we hired was stuck.

Her call made me restless and I too stepped towards the driver to check what the problem was. Thankfully the auto didn’t take much time to start again and the driver asked us to get in fast.

In a hurry I went inside first forgetting that I was sitting on the outer side of the seat. Sid followed and unlike me he seemed more comfortable this time. His bag that was earlier lying beside him on the seat was now resting on his lap. So, logically now the distance between us was only of one bag.  Though it was a petty issue, it made me think hard why he shifted closer.

He continued our conversation with much more ease and asked something that I didn’t expect at all,
“Why don’t you come with me daily?”

I just looked at him and couldn’t say anything. He continued,
“I stay just ten minutes away. You can come with me in my bike.”

I failed to understand what was going in his mind and before I could say something he insisted,
“You waste so much time travelling by bus”

I interrupted; but with a smile, “No, thanks, I am fine travelling by bus.”

He turned towards me and tried convincing, “I was saying because we come from the same place so we can come together.”

Boys just don’t stop trying and him being such a good debater I was nearly convinced. Now I didn’t know how to say a no to him and said, “If I ever miss my bus I’ll come with you. Ok?”

That surely made him happy and he gave a pleasing smile.

His smile confused me that whether I said a yes or a no.

He then asked the driver to take a right which was towards his house and said,

“I stay there, inside that lane.” He pointed towards his house which I could not see clearly.
 “Give me your number,” he said and took out his mobile.

I was again taken aback, why he was asking for my number. But thinking that it would be rude to say a “No” to him I reluctantly shared my number.

He asked the driver to stop and said, “Bye! And reach home safely. I’ll call you up tomorrow before leaving for the classes.”

He then ran towards the narrow lane, hopped and jumped for a few steps and then vanished. I kept looking at him, the auto took a turn and I still tried to see if he was visible anywhere, but he was gone.

In the next ten minutes I reached my home. My sister was waiting for me to have dinner together. I didn’t take much time to change and immediately arrived at the dinner table. While having dinner I explained to her what all happened and why was I late and the moment I mentioned Sid’s name, she exclaimed, “Who is Sid?”

“He is my friend; we are in the same evening batch.”

I saw no positive response coming from her and continued, “He stays nearby just ten minutes away and we were also planning that we can together go for the classes from tomorrow.”


“Yes, in his bike.”

She looked at me for a while and said, “You are mad. You want to go with him daily in his bike?”

“Ya, what is the problem in that. He is a nice guy.”

“No” she said irately, “you don’t even know him properly and you want to go with him in his bike.”

I got irritated and replied, “He said he will come to pick me up tomorrow. Now how will I say him no?”

“Simply tell him you are going by bus. Now don’t think much and finish your dinner.”

We finished the remaining dinner silently and went to our respective rooms. Now I was more puzzled, there were so many questions in my mind. Why did he ask me to come in his bike? Why did I give my number to him? Was my sister right? What will I tell him when he’ll call up tomorrow?

I started having a headache and was feeling cold and also kept sneezing continuously. Rain had treated me badly and I started feeling feverish.

Just then I received a SMS, “Hey! Hope you reached safely. It was really nice meeting you. Sleep well. Good night J

I had a big smile on my face. That one SMS from him made me so happy. It was indeed nice to meet him and I replied, “Thanks, Good nightJ

I switched off the lights, leaned over the pillow and remembered all that happened a few hours ago, the tension, the anxiety, the joy in meeting him, the pleasure in talking to him, the happiness, the laughter, Revathi, books, music, the rain, his smile, his specs, water dripping from his folded sleeves and his proposal for a bike ride, every moment was flashing in my mind with excitement. I was lying down in my bed with open eyes, smiling, blushing, reading his SMS again and again.

Our first meeting, the pehli mulakaat could not have been better.

Time to say Goodbye

Time to say Goodbye

I don't wanna go, I don't wanna cry,
I don't wanna say goodbye

Now the time has come, my bags are packed,
I am ready to go but wanna soon come back

No, am not excited but am also not sad,
I don't know how I am feeling, whether it’s for the good or bad

He says, thanks for your sacrifice,
I say, my happiness is in your eyes,
It’s our dream come true and I wanna be with him,
But million other things are making my joy dim

Dad's concerns and mom's shaky voice,
Makes me rethink whether it was the right choice,
Am lucky to have two moms, dads and sis,
So I know everything in double I'll miss

My nephew says, "I'll have a moustache when you next see me!"
Yes, he’ll grow up and how matured he’ll be,
Bro says it’s more difficult than the farewell at your wedding,
Trust me this time it’s mixed with a very strange feeling

My friends who are more like a family,
No idea without them how my life would be

Never ending chat, anytime tea,
Long drive and midnight party,
Taking out time when you were crazy busy,
Never leaving me lonely even when I wanted to be!
Bunking office for a wonderful movie,
The last day’s team blue t-shirt you guys wore for me,
My happiness in annoying you and your smile for me,
You'll be remembered wherever I be

I am strong, I am optimistic,
I know there’s a lot more happiness waiting for me,

But still…

I don't wanna go, I don't wanna cry,
I don't wanna say goodbye