Saturday, June 23, 2018

Book Review : 'Finding Your Writing Flow' by Sona Grover

I loved the book ‘Finding Your Writing Flow’ for its simplicity and to-the-point tips. It is a thin book but good enough to inspire the writer within. The author has kept it short and comprehensive and I liked it the way it is. It is a book which one can refer to time and again to clear self-doubt, get guidance on writing tips and to enhance writing skills.

Every writer sometimes might stumble upon or reach a point from where they cannot find a way to restart. This book will guide you and help you come out of such situations as the author shares her experiences. This works as a handbook for writers.

The author shares her personal journey of writing in her book and divides it into five important parts of ‘Why I Write,’ ‘Finding Inspirations,’ ‘Being Productive,’ ‘Getting Better’ and ‘Self Renewals.’ She begins with a very relevant question that every writer should ask oneself before one begins to write and that is ‘Why I Write?’ Her take on finding inspirations is also unique and should work well if followed as she guides in her book. Keeping the end publication in mind and writing for best results is a tip that might work as an inspiration for many writers. Her personal narration of how she makes time to write is also worth giving a read. The idea of a ‘Muse’ is interesting and writers can follow this tip accordingly.

The author is very clear and sound while giving tips and advice. This book can be referred to by anybody who wishes to write, not just authors but even for our daily basis writing needs. It should help new writers, bloggers, reviewers or even for drafting official write-ups. It touches on the fundamentals of writing and how to overcome blocks and limits. I liked her writing style which is honest yet inspiring. Because she is a writer herself she knows very well what goes inside a writer’s brain! Thus, helps and guides in getting productive, staying creative and writing your best.

This book should find a place in everybody’s reading list and it is a must-read for beginners. Read this book before you start writing. You can refer to it whenever you need your dose of inspiration and thus it gets a thumbs-up from me.