Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Book Review : 'Parenting and A Slice of Everything' by Anupriya

Author Anupriya in her book “Parenting and A Slice of Everything” presents a beautiful collection of twenty-six short stories which speak volumes about relationships. She believes she plays a role of a mother, daughter, woman and a human being apart from the current role of an author. She also trusts the magical power of stories and story-telling and it is evident from this book.  
I liked her writing style and the manner in which she narrates each story. Her stories revolve around characters, incidents and emotions that are in one or the other way related to parenting and relationships. Readers can easily relate to the emotions depicted by the realistic characters. Each story is carved out beautifully and described at length.
The only thing which didn’t click was the connection between the title of the book and its content. I picked up the book expecting it to be a parenting self-help book but it turned out to be something different, however, I enjoyed reading the stories. I would advise the author to rethink the title before putting up the book to a larger audience.
I enjoyed reading the stories and would recommend it to all the story lovers.

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